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Accessories for our Stark Studios floating shelves. Everything from extra parts to pieces for install and additions!

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  1. Full Set
  2. Tapping and Drill bit Set
  3. Screw Set


  • "These Shelves can hold a lot of weight! I bought custom full wood maple shelves and they are very high quality with a beautiful finish"

    Josh Grainer

  • "These guys have so many colors to choose from for MDF shelves, we found a perfect match to go with our kitchen! LOVE these shelves.

    Portia Tebelmen

  • "Really nice shelves, high quality and very strong, having them made and shipped took a few weeks though"

    Dustin Chambers

Hovr Bracket System

Strength and Reliability

Here you can see the strength of the Hovr Bracket system, and how it works