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Heavy Duty Aluminum Hovr Bracket System (Patented Design)

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 Please note: Currently, these are the only sizes available. If a shorter or longer bracket is required cutting one of the closest bracket sizes that are required or if longer is required, add another bracket size with another to the shelf and the wall to accommodate.

If load capacity required is above 300lbs at 10 inch depth, please see our other bracket: 10 Gauge Steel Industrial Strength Hovr Bracket System (Patented Design)

If you are interested in becoming an "Affiliate Reseller" or high volume customer of the Hovr Bracket System please contact Hovr Strong Solutions at or call our office at 1-604-200-7736. We created an incredibly strong bracket that attaches the floating solution to the wall.

The connection to the wall will fail before the brackets will.

The Brackets are engineered in such a way that they cannot slant, come undone or fall down.  If installed properly to manufacturers specifications, the bracket will not rip out of the shelf itself nor will it tear out of the wall unless the maximum allowable weight (as calculated by third-party structural engineers) is surpassed.

Therefore, they are perfect for any room, especially for children’s rooms. First and foremost, we designed these brackets to be safe.

Watch the video below see how it works!

  • Weight load beginning at 300lbs at 10 inch depth
  • Maximum weight load capacity is 2500lbs with steel bend
  • Aluminum extrusion and steel bend available

What Comes With It: 

  • Hovr Bracket System (Aluminum)
  • Set Screws 
  • Alan Key